Huge Press for Trusted Insight

Wednesday was an exciting day at Trusted Insight. Three huge news stories about us made the rounds. Here’s some of what people are saying.

The site has 58,000 registered users representing trillions of investment dollars, which is an impressive number when you consider how small the global pool of alternative asset limited partners is. Bangash estimates that a third of the world’s alternative asset investment managers are on the site.


Investor Garry Tan said that if you added up the assets under management of all the users, it would be trillions of dollars. Trusted Insight’s goal is to be the online place where the people who manage this money go for news and networking, and become a vital source of information. Ultimately the business model will be to deliver relevant information, products, and services to its community.


A new startup is debuting today that aims to be an AngelList-like network that connects institutional investors who have over $1 billion under management. What does that mean? Instead of connecting angel investors and VCs with startups, Trusted Insight is a creating a networking platform between fund managers and investment institutions.


With all the press, we had a record day of visits and signups to the site, and it hasn’t stopped yet! We’re super excited to make some waves with Trusted Insight, and will keep all of you informed as we improve it. And to all our newest members: welcome!