Understanding Your TrustScore

TrustScore Screenshot Your TrustScore is a measurement of your influence and expertise in the Trusted Insight community. Along with your Track Record, building your TrustScore is a great way to improve your standing as an institutional investor.

The easiest way to build a TrustScore ismaking connections with other Institutional Investors. The more you become part of the TI community, the more other members know they can trust you. It also works both ways: when someone connects with you, your Trust Score goes up along with theirs. You can also build your score by sharing your experience—posting and sharing relevant investment news, videos, and other media on Trusted Insight, adding to your portfolio, and building out your profile.

We’re always looking for new ways to help you connect, interact, and share your knowledge and experience on Trusted Insight. Each of these will also help you grow your TrustScore. We’ll tell you about them as we roll them out. Keep an eye on the Trusted Insight Blog and our weekly email updates.