The Power of the Track Record

Track Record (new profile)The most powerful part of your Trusted Insight profile is your Track Record. It shows your investment experience, broken down by type of fund, strategy or asset class, and geography, and is an easy way to identify yourself as an expert in any area of alternatives.  It also helps show your knowledge if you’re looking for a new opportunity.

Building out your track record is super easy. Just add the funds you’ve invested in to your private portfolio on Trusted Insight. It’s easy, it’s secure, and private. Nobody can see your portfolio, but you. Trusted Insight has a huge database of funds, but if we don’t have yours, we can add it. Just provide the email for your fund manager so they can confirm it. You can also add your allocation (in millions) if you want. As your portfolio grows, so too does your Track Record.

Adding your funds also helps you find your co-investors, so you can share your experience and your knowledge of the various asset classes, strategies, sectors, and geographies that your funds cover. Having access to your co-investors is also great for due diligence when investing in the latest funds by your fund and asset managers. Using the trends populated from the site, you can compare your portfolio to the developments in the institutional investing community and do due diligence on potential funds, as well. You’ll also be able to get up-to-date news on your funds in your inbox. Think about that! No waiting for the annual reports to show up.

Amazing that a few numbers can be that powerful. Add your investment experience and build your track record today!