A Speedier, Spiffier Trusted Insight

If you’re a regular visitor to Trusted Insight—and we hope you are—you should notice things work a little faster now. We’ve gone and upgraded our back end to a big, fancy, spiffy server that’s almost fast enough to travel through time. Almost. 😉

Along with that, we’ve rolled out a few awesome new features we hope you’ll enjoy. Here’s a sample:

Skill Tags

Skill TagsAre you awesome at due diligence? Know your way around ratings? A quantitative wizard? Now you can add your skills as tags on your profile. Just go to your profile settings page or click the Edit link next to skills on your profile and start adding away. We’ve got a bunch of skills built in, and you can add your own if we missed any.

Latest News in Activity Stream

News PreviewWhen you check the activity stream, now you get a cool preview of the last four stories added to our news page. Move your mouse over the thumbnails on the left side to see the full-size preview, and click on it to read.

TI News Bar

News BarRecommend and tweet the news you read from the new Trusted Insight news bar, and when you’re done reading a story, click through to the next one without having to go back to the news page.

Search Improvements

Search DropdownSearch people, companies, careers, your messages, and more, all from the same TI search bar. We’ve also added and improved search on the various sections of the site, so you can find anything you need, faster and easier.


We’ve improved adding videos, news, and jobs, streamlined status updates, and fixed bugs all over the site. And there’s more stuff to come. We’re always working to improve Trusted Insight for you. If you have any suggestions, just let us know! Get in touch by email, or send us an @-reply on Twitter.