Huge Press for Trusted Insight

Wednesday was an exciting day at Trusted Insight. Three huge news stories about us made the rounds. Here’s some of what people are saying.

The site has 58,000 registered users representing trillions of investment dollars, which is an impressive number when you consider how small the global pool of alternative asset limited partners is. Bangash estimates that a third of the world’s alternative asset investment managers are on the site.


Investor Garry Tan said that if you added up the assets under management of all the users, it would be trillions of dollars. Trusted Insight’s goal is to be the online place where the people who manage this money go for news and networking, and become a vital source of information. Ultimately the business model will be to deliver relevant information, products, and services to its community.


A new startup is debuting today that aims to be an AngelList-like network that connects institutional investors who have over $1 billion under management. What does that mean? Instead of connecting angel investors and VCs with startups, Trusted Insight is a creating a networking platform between fund managers and investment institutions.


With all the press, we had a record day of visits and signups to the site, and it hasn’t stopped yet! We’re super excited to make some waves with Trusted Insight, and will keep all of you informed as we improve it. And to all our newest members: welcome!

Trusted Insight, the Largest Online Community of Institutional Investors, Completes New Round of Funding

NEW YORK, August 21st, 2013 — Trusted Insight, the largest online network of Institutional Investors, recently completed a new round of funding. Trusted Insight investors include Data Collective, Initialized Ventures, (Garry Tan & Alexis Ohanian) Entrepreneurs Fund, Founders Fund, RRE Ventures, Real Ventures, Lauder Partners, 500 Startups, Eric Chen, and Marleen Groen. Trusted Insight has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, PEHub, and Fundology.

Trusted Insight is a social collaboration and distribution platform for institutional investors, typically with over $1 billion in assets. Combined, the users of Trusted Insight manage trillions of dollars around the world. Trusted Insight is a LinkedIn meets AngelList for Institutional investors (Limited Partners). Its users include pensions, foundations, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, hedge funds, private equity, real estate and real asset funds. Investors share pertinent news and media, job listings, conferences and events, and real-time market trends in alternative investment assets, geographies and sectors. “I learned about and attended the 500 Startups Premoney Conference from Trusted Insight’s high quality news content and distribution platform which I enjoy reading on a regular basis.” Urs Cete, Managing Director, BDMI-Bertelsmann Digital Media, a corporate investor in funds and companies.

Investors and managers are able to connect, and perform due diligence on the site, as well as recommend funds, managers, and other investors. Since the website launch in September 2011, Trusted Insight has grown into the largest network of Institutional Investors, with 58,000 LP and GP members, in over 100 countries and territories. Many fund managers have successfully connected with investors using their existing networks and raising hundreds of millions of dollars using the site. “I am impressed and surprised by Trusted Insight. Over the past 6 months I have seen activity explode to the point where I visit the site everyday. I am very impressed with the quality of the user base. Based on this early momentum, I think it has a shot to become an essential application for the institutional investment market.” Jason Jones, Highstep Capital.

Trusted Insight has developed the most effective model to distribute alternative investment news, video, jobs and product for institutional investors. “Trusted Insight has played a vital role in helping me find new LP contacts.” Rod Walkey, of Migration Capital, a Fund of Funds for Latin America.

For more information about Trusted Insight, please visit or email


Understanding Your TrustScore

TrustScore Screenshot Your TrustScore is a measurement of your influence and expertise in the Trusted Insight community. Along with your Track Record, building your TrustScore is a great way to improve your standing as an institutional investor.

The easiest way to build a TrustScore ismaking connections with other Institutional Investors. The more you become part of the TI community, the more other members know they can trust you. It also works both ways: when someone connects with you, your Trust Score goes up along with theirs. You can also build your score by sharing your experience—posting and sharing relevant investment news, videos, and other media on Trusted Insight, adding to your portfolio, and building out your profile.

We’re always looking for new ways to help you connect, interact, and share your knowledge and experience on Trusted Insight. Each of these will also help you grow your TrustScore. We’ll tell you about them as we roll them out. Keep an eye on the Trusted Insight Blog and our weekly email updates.

The Power of the Track Record

Track Record (new profile)The most powerful part of your Trusted Insight profile is your Track Record. It shows your investment experience, broken down by type of fund, strategy or asset class, and geography, and is an easy way to identify yourself as an expert in any area of alternatives.  It also helps show your knowledge if you’re looking for a new opportunity.

Building out your track record is super easy. Just add the funds you’ve invested in to your private portfolio on Trusted Insight. It’s easy, it’s secure, and private. Nobody can see your portfolio, but you. Trusted Insight has a huge database of funds, but if we don’t have yours, we can add it. Just provide the email for your fund manager so they can confirm it. You can also add your allocation (in millions) if you want. As your portfolio grows, so too does your Track Record.

Adding your funds also helps you find your co-investors, so you can share your experience and your knowledge of the various asset classes, strategies, sectors, and geographies that your funds cover. Having access to your co-investors is also great for due diligence when investing in the latest funds by your fund and asset managers. Using the trends populated from the site, you can compare your portfolio to the developments in the institutional investing community and do due diligence on potential funds, as well. You’ll also be able to get up-to-date news on your funds in your inbox. Think about that! No waiting for the annual reports to show up.

Amazing that a few numbers can be that powerful. Add your investment experience and build your track record today!

Advance Your Career with Trusted Insight

Did you know Trusted Insight has the largest listing of Institutional Investment jobs out there? It’s true. If you’re looking to advance your investment career, Trusted Insight should be your first stop.

Jobs page preview

Move up in your career, switch from LP to GP (or vice-versa), or just find a new opportunity in a different place. We have listings for careers all over the world.

Find The Right Position For You

In addition to a standard keyword search, you can search jobs by company, salary, or location. You’re  certain to find something that fits your needs on Trusted Insight. New jobs are added regularly, and Trusted Insight members get new listings in their inbox every Monday morning.

Advanced Search

Trusted Insight Helps You Get Selected

For many jobs, you can apply in a single click, and we’ll send your résumé and TI profile to the hiring manager. Applying through Trusted Insight helps your chances of getting an interview. Users with completed profiles and investment experience are ten times more likely to get an interview than other applicants. You can add a résumé on your profile settings page, and add your investment experience on your private portfolio page.

Hiring? We Can Help!

If you’re looking for an investment professional, you can put your job listing in front of our entire 40,000+ Institutional Investor network! Job listings appear on the site for three months, and in our weekly emails. Posting an LP job is only $249, and a GP job is $999. Post your listing today!

A Speedier, Spiffier Trusted Insight

If you’re a regular visitor to Trusted Insight—and we hope you are—you should notice things work a little faster now. We’ve gone and upgraded our back end to a big, fancy, spiffy server that’s almost fast enough to travel through time. Almost. 😉

Along with that, we’ve rolled out a few awesome new features we hope you’ll enjoy. Here’s a sample:

Skill Tags

Skill TagsAre you awesome at due diligence? Know your way around ratings? A quantitative wizard? Now you can add your skills as tags on your profile. Just go to your profile settings page or click the Edit link next to skills on your profile and start adding away. We’ve got a bunch of skills built in, and you can add your own if we missed any.

Latest News in Activity Stream

News PreviewWhen you check the activity stream, now you get a cool preview of the last four stories added to our news page. Move your mouse over the thumbnails on the left side to see the full-size preview, and click on it to read.

TI News Bar

News BarRecommend and tweet the news you read from the new Trusted Insight news bar, and when you’re done reading a story, click through to the next one without having to go back to the news page.

Search Improvements

Search DropdownSearch people, companies, careers, your messages, and more, all from the same TI search bar. We’ve also added and improved search on the various sections of the site, so you can find anything you need, faster and easier.


We’ve improved adding videos, news, and jobs, streamlined status updates, and fixed bugs all over the site. And there’s more stuff to come. We’re always working to improve Trusted Insight for you. If you have any suggestions, just let us know! Get in touch by email, or send us an @-reply on Twitter.